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About me...

My wardrobe experience began in the NYC downtown club scene, working on underground rock'n'roll and rap films "Salvation!" and "Tougher Than Leather" and styling groundbreaking music videos beginning with the Beastie Boys and Run-DMC,  continuing with the Pogues and Eric Clapton, and giving images to many rap and metal acts.  During MTV's heyday I styled on-air promos and interstitials. I have created custom leatherwear for heavy metal act Manowar since 1993, and custom stage clothes for other performers. I moved into commercial styling for a wide range of brands and products, such as Macy's, GMC Trucks, Johnson & Johnson, Revlon, and Viacom.  I designed sketch comedy shows with hundreds of outfits on Fox (for John Leguizamo), HBO, SciFi, and Comedy Central. I have recreated looks for true-crime shows and dressed on-camera talent for competition and other reality shows, including 3 years with 'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro. I have styled for Tim Gunn for seven years on his makeover shows and other fashion projects. 


I am comfortable with period pieces as well as modern styling, and particularly enjoy over-the-top comedy and factual recreations. I have custom created small and large soft  props for TV shows, restaurants, and Broadway.


I pay attention to detail and have a sharp eye for a good visual joke. 


If I can't find it, I can make it.

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