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Leather work


In 1993, I got the opportunity to work with heavy metal powerhouse Manowar for the first time.  I was captivated by a band that had the balls to wear furry loin cloths and ride on horseback.  They wanted to update their look with a tougher leather style, and this started me down the path that would lead to becoming a LeatherBitch.  


Though I always had the ability to sew and create garments, working with leather is special and different.  I learned expert techniques from one of the masters of the trade in NYC, David Samuel Menkes, and have been designing and crafting leather stage wear for the band ever since.


This leather work is custom, with the style and demands of the client in mind.  


I can copy a photo in a magazine or sketch something unique.  


My garments are built to last and will make you look better than you really do.


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